Vaziri Holding is a group of companies active in the agriculture sector, manufacturing of a variety of machinery and trading of different commodities.
These companies operate at the international level and form a complete chain of supply, production and sales of grains, vegetable oils, dried fruits, beans, animal and poultry feed.
Vaziri Holding’s vision is to become one of the most reliable international companies in the field of grains.
Vaziri holding companies are constantly keeping up with the market and their competitors and keeping themselves in line with the latest technologies used worldwide.

Prime Solution Silo

Construction and execution of all types of silos and production of its accessories.
Prime Solution Silo factory is located in Turkey. The services of this factory include the design, production and implementation of silos for grain and animal feed storage and water storage systems, and aquaculture tanks. Quality products, standard executions and proper support have placed Prime Solution Silo in a good position within the competition and amongst the Turkish companies.
The vision of Prime Solution Silo is to become a good and cost-effective choice for implementing storage projects in the continent of Europe.

Primal Makina

Production of feed and poultry equipment.
Primal Makina is one of the factories of Vaziri Holding located in Turkey.
This factory is active in the field of production of processing devices and production of livestock and poultry feed.
The use of advanced technology, minimal maintenance, lower energy consumption and higher efficiency are the competitive advantages of Primal Makina products.
Our strategy is to be among the best animal feed equipment manufacturing companies, expand sales network and after-sales services at the global level, and provide quality, innovation and a high level of standard for customers. Our customers are our strategic business partners.

Pars Turk Silo Company

Construction and execution of all types of grain storage silos and its accessories.

Pars Turk Silo plant is amongst the oldest within Vaziri Holding. This factory is located in Iran. The services of Pars Turk Silo Factory include the design, production and implementation of all types of grain and animal feed steel silos and water storage systems and aquaculture tanks.
Quality products:
Pars Turk Silo factory has made the Middle East and Central Asia its target market and has designed and implemented many projects in this area.


Trading of grains, oil and oilseeds, beans, dried fruit, animal and poultry feed.
Favagro is an international company supplying grains, vegetable oil and dried fruits to all parts of the world. Through its offices in Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Iran, Favagro supplies agricultural or processed products from the best farms and producers around the world.
Favagro works on farms that have planted and harvested according to international standards. What you get from Favagro is the result of a collective and comprehensive effort, which is based on knowledge, experience and creativity and is supported by advanced technology and modern devices.


Supply of food products

Mianzo is a commercial brand consisting of trading companies and food production and packaging factories. Mianzo brand has started its activity in Iran in 2022 and in the first phase of operations, it will offer vegetable oil, rice and tea within the Iranian market. Mianzo’s vision is to form a complete food basket needed by families under the umbrella of one brand.

Alborz Protein World

Production of livestock and poultry feed Alborz Protein World Company is another one of Vaziri holding’s company located in Iran. This factory is active in the field of processing and production of animal and poultry feed. Alborz Protein World products include main foods and nutritional supplements for cattle, sheep and poultry. The vision of Alborz protein world factory is to have a good share in the supply of livestock and poultry feed in the Middle East and Central Asia, in addition to meeting the needs of Iranian livestock farmers.

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